The Brand

Amante Antwerp is a proud, Belgian brand. Our collections are designed in Antwerp and handcrafted in Italy. Seeking only the finest craftsmanship, our pieces are all handmade in Arezzo, Italy, a little charming town in the heart of Tuscany renowned for its goldsmith tradition.

By working closely with our manufacturers and always being open to each other’s insights and expertise, we create jewelry and accessories that are as unique as the people who wear them. Our way on design and styling is what gives our brand character. Not only do our accessories help women to feel better, they are also artistic creations.

The Founder

What started as a dream several years ago, became a goal and was established in 2020, by Ellen D’Hondt, founder and creative everything. She strives to create a luxury jewelry and accessory label for edgy women who loves style, statement and uniqueness. At the heart of her jewelry lies design and sustainability, emphasized through her use of links, chains and charms all created to last. This is not a seasonal, fast fashion jewelry, her pieces are here to stay!

Amante Antwerp reminds us that we can be strong without taking ourselves too seriously. The brand is more than just jewelry, it is about bringing a sense of passion, soul and timeless style to your identity. The brand arrives today as a line of original, hand crafted statement pieces that empower the women who wear them. Amante Antwerp aims to create a sexy powerful look, a very feminine & bold collection.

Our Values

about amante antwerp

Everyday Luxury

Effortless Elegance, all day, every day. Create a sophisticated day-to-day look and easily combine our carefully-crafted statement pieces. We create that extra touch of luxury to state your personal style.

Dare to Love

Your time to shine. Simply love life and try to make the most of every chance you get. Truly believing in women’s infinite capabilities, we love to add that extra touch of confidence, so you dare to love yourself and at the same time feel that you’re loved for it. Feel the female connection, dare to jump and follow your passion. Truly believing in women’s infinite capabilities, we love to add that extra touch of confidence enabling you to take the plunge and follow your passion.

about amante antwerp

A bit edgy, all feminine 

Feel fiercely feminine and don’t let anyone take your edge off. Dare to express yourself and feel empowered while wearing our powerful statement pieces. Because we Amante women, we love to see each other shine.

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